About Us


Dorota Paszyńska

Polish language lecturer and judo instructor. In her free time she will ride on her sledge, drink mulled wine, play some squash or do some aerobics. Do you want to go out with her? Ask her to the theatre! She's a fan of Donald Duck. To sleep she will read some James Joyce and listen to Benjamin Blumchen. Be warned though, she talks a lot, about everything and everyone. Her sense of humour is exquisite, leaning on the side of sarcastic. Doesn't like to be bored, always on the move - hyperactive.

Karolina Mazur

Karolina is a passionate and experienced lecturer! She teaches not only Polish language, but also culture, history and even cuisine! Outdoor lessons for learning in action is her specialty. Graduated from both University of Warmia - Mazury and University of Warsaw has been teaching Polish to foreigners since 2011, working with people of various professions and cultures. She is still open for new experiences and challenges. She always establishes clear objectives for each lesson, has high expectations and encourages everyone to always work at best level with respect to the individual capabilities. Her main purpose is to make her students feel free and independent with using Polish in everyday situations. Her lessons are always fun and interesting.

Małgorzata Tekielska

Lover of culture and arts, not only Polish, is very fond of travels, enjoys learning foreign languages – it makes easier for her to understand problems you may have in learning Polish. In leisure time practices yoga, reads ambitious literary works, goes to cinema and exhibitions, loves good food. Her lessons are not boring – at least in the opinion of her students. You will start to speak Polish from the first class. So, when do we start?

Justyna Mazur

Graduated from University of Silesia. I have been teaching Polish to foreigners since 2014. I have always been passionate about traveling and cultures of the world, that’s why it’s easy for me to communicate and relate to my foreign students. My goal is to introduce the students into the world of Polish culture, history and reality in addition to the Polish language. I understand that starting to learn Polish can be frustrating so I conduct my classes with discussions regarding interesting everyday themes and I employ various methods of teaching to make the classes fun and engaging.