As my girlfriend is Polish and a part of her family doesn’t speak English, my biggest motivation was to develop a proper basis for having a nice conversation, and everything more to learn I saw as a nice extra. Now, I’ve now been enjoying Polish lessons for almost 1,5 year and made a big progress in all facets, like oral and written communication and grammar. Although it’s not the most easiest language to learn, it’s a very interesting one and Dorota’s patience, enthusiasm and of course knowledge has helped me very much so far to develop my skills. I’m sure she will support me in improving even further!

Nick, Netherlands

After my sudden relocation to Warsaw office I had an urgent need to learn Polish to start communicating with colleagues. And I have to confirm, it was a great story to learn new language with Ms. Dorota - she is an outstanding teacher, very dedicated to her job. After intensive 3 months course I was able to communicate with local mates. Overall summary - highly recommended. 

Igor, Ukraine

I've been taking classes with Dorota for about two months. In those two months I have gone from not being able to speak any Polish to being able to speak basic sentences, get around the city, understand parts of the newspaper, and so on which is extremely rewarding and very surprising given the short of time, and I have her to thank for it. She is patient, flexible, understanding, and very likable, and is willing to tailor her lessons to your particular needs (for example, learning Polish in general, or for business or diplomatic purposes). Also, after I left Poland she agreed to continue our lessons via Skype, which have worked out great. I highly recommend Dorota to anyone wanting to learn Polish regardless of starting level (I was at 0) or reason (moving to the country, business trip, etc.)! 

Chris, USA

Since May 2012 I have had 3 times a week 60 mins lesson with one of the teachers of Polish Polish. My starting point was very individual, because I lived already several years ago for three year in Poland, but at that time I gave up my wish to learn polish very fast. So: some words were known, but no grammar rules at all…. Because I wanted to reach very fast a higher level I decided to have next to the regular lessons a 3 weeks intensive course. I was very happy, that my teacher was willing to do this session in the summer break, but she still had to manage or better postpone several other lessons. (at this stage: thanks to all other students for your cooperation). So after 8 months a have today a level of +- B1, I was able to pass a language test in a public authority and I was able to present some slides within an employee-meeting in front of ca. 250 people. And for all of this I have to thank my teacher very much. On the one side she uses a very logical way to explain the basis rules of polish grammar, on the other side she is very patient with “older” people who are not anymore so fast in learning new things. Her ability to see always the positive things seems to be one of her secrets how to motivate her students so that I had this time not once the thought of stopping my lessons. And for sure I will continue my lessons with the teacher of Polish Polish

Hendrik, Germany

I had the opportunity to go to Polish Polish school during my first trip in Poland.  During 3 weeks, 5 hours a day, with a very nice group of 6 students, she managed to introduce us to the different aspects of Polish language. Patient, demanding, motivating, she proves a great capacity for explaning grammar and conjugation rules, orally or in writing. During a class, she knows how to use different kinds of media to tickle our curiosity and interest at any moment. Improvements are very fast. These classes were very useful to me and during the rest of my trip in Poland! So don't hesitate, if you want to learn Polish, Polish Polish is the best school! :-)

Claude, France

I had the pleasure of studying Polish during the summer in 2010 in Warsaw with one of the teachers of Polish Polish. I enrolled in a 2-week intensive course at the school where she was teaching and I have to say that learning Polish with my polish teacher was a great experience. Not only is she a very sweet and patient teacher, but she also knows how to explain the grammar rules and exceptions clearly to help foreigners understand the intricacies of the Polish language. She made learning this difficult language fun, with practical examples, creative exercises and by creating real-life situations in the classroom for her students to practice newly-acquired knowledge.  I really enjoyed Polish Polish's teaching style and when I go back to Poland to learn Polish again, I will surely seek them out to study under their tutelage.  

Slauka, Mexico

My teacher from Polish Polish tought me Polish for 5 months. When I joined the course, I had zero knowledge of polish language however this was not an issue for my teacher where she began to create a foundation for me to build on. Every lessons was well organised and well structured however flexible for us to ask questions and learn polish for practical scenarios (i.e. shopping, restaurants, etc). She combined theory with practice such as group work, presentations, and dynamic activities among other things making learning polish enjoyable. 

Dominic, England

If you are looking for efficient, effective and fun way to learn Polish, teachers from Polish Polish will be brilliant candidates for this. My teacher from Polish Polish is very passionate about teaching. She uses individual approach when developing a program for a particular student. She asks you for feedback and takes into account your needs and thoughts during the course in terms of learning process (if it’s easy to understand something, do you need to spend more time on a particular subject and so on).  At the same time she has a very structured system of what basics things about Polish (vocabulary, grammar) you must learn (especially at the beginning) in order to be able to communicate in it and use it pretty quickly. I would definitely recommend Polish Polish as a professional school for learning Polish.

Anya, Russia

I have had lessons with one of the teachers of Polish Polish for a year. She helped me to get a very good Polish level which makes my polish more efficient at work and to easily adapt me to this new culture. Her seriousness, kindness, and her sense of pedagogy make polish lessons a very great moment in my professional week. 

Laurent, France

My teacher from Polish Polish has been a great teacher for me. She manages to find the way to keep me highly motivated despite the difficulties, she makes me overcome new challenges in each lesson. I could not have imagined to reach such an advanced level of Polish without her devotion and kindness. She makes your learning Polish an enjoyable and fascinating activity. You get back home after the course with a fresher mind full of new words, funny expressions and an exciting curiosity about Polish culture. She makes every of your step in this new country more simple and interesting. She makes the whole experience worth it and your personal efforts seem natural while learning becomes an entertainment. 

Adele, France

I've been taking lessons with Dorota for over a year. I had been in Warsaw for over a year and still didn't speak much polish before I started with her. Slowly, patiently and with great enthusiasm she greatly improved my Polish speaking abilities. She was very flexible about times of classes and encouraged me to decide what I really wanted to learn first. My fiancee (Polish) her family and my work colleagues have all been impressed with my progress. It wasn't easy but it was very enjoyable. 

Arthur, Ireland

I only have positive things to say about my Polish teacher, Dorota! I have had classes with Dorota for more than six months already and I have learnt a lot thanks to her. She is a very kind-hearted and super patient person! Classes with her are always fun, we laugh a lot and learn at the same time. She always sends a lot of useful material that we can use to study more. My journey learning Polish is not over and I’m happy Dorota will still be there to guide me through it! Thanks a lot! :)  

Carla, Spain